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Rheems Athletic Association Clearance Requirements

The Rheems Athletic Association is a volunteer organization.  Volunteers are the means by which the organization is managed and operates.  The opportunities are varied (e.g. coaching, assistant coaching, filed maintenance, equipment management, fund raising etc) and in whatever capacity your contribution will enhance our youth programs. 

For safety reasons, Rheems AA defines what constitutes a volunteer, as well as outlines the various individual requirements dependent on the type of volunteering one might do. The intent is to protect the youth in our programs by ensuring that all adults with whom our youth come in contact on a regular basis have met safety standards. 

A volunteer is defined as any individual of at least 18 years of age who performs a service for Rheems AA without compensation or other consideration. A volunteer that requires clearances is one who voluntarily oversee youth out of the parents sight e.g. all coaches.  Additionally any volunteers assisting who may oversee students out of the coach’s sight are also required to obtain necessary clearances. 

Rheems AA requires volunteers to submit the following items before you will be able to provide your valuable service.

Website, explaining ALL the checks:


You can open and print the documents below or click on website:
Act 34 Criminal History Records Check 


Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance



FBI / Fingerprinting $27.50 (this is only needed if u have lived in PA less then 10 years)


Need to register b4 going for prints.  Then you go to the Etown Library to do your prints, 5-10 days later you get notice in the mail.

Once the clearances are completed please contact the sport commissioner for the sport in which you are volunteering.