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The  Tournament  will follow the USA Softbal Fastpitch rules and regulations, except for the following League rules, which will supercede USA Softball rules.


1. Age Groups- The League will follow USA Softball Code 501.G., which states that the player's age on January 1 of the current year determines the age classification in which the player is eligible to participate. The League will sponsor League play for the following age groups:





   a. Players may play up one age group above their actual age group (as outlined in Rule 3.c. below.)

   b. Any violation of the age limit rule will result in the forfeiture of all games involving the player which caused the violation  with no refund.


2. Team registration fees are $275.00 per team and must be paid to RAA by June 1.  

    a. Proof of insurance is required from each association for all teams.  Due June 1.

3. Team Rosters- The League's standard roster must be submitted to the Tournament Manager at the Tournament.

   a. Players may not change teams within the same age group once rosters have been submitted to the Manager.  

   b. New players may be added to a roster until Saturday June 8th before the first game that morning. No players may be added to a roster for any reason after this time.

   c. Players must be rostered in their age appropriate group within their Association.

   d. Playing of players not properly on a team's roster will result in the forfeiture of all games involving the improper players which caused the violation with no refund.

   e. Rosters containing player names and birth dates for any team will be available upon request from the Tournament Manager.


4. Minimum Player Participation:

   a. Each team shall field ten players, however, prior to each pitch, no more than six players may play in the infield, and outfielders must be at least 10 feet from the baseline. A team may, due to injuries or shortage of players, play a game with eight players with the ninth position being an automatic out. If a team cannot play eight players it will forfeit the game.

   b. Coaches shall have the right to bench a player as a disciplinary procedure. Such a player must be identified to the umpire and the other team's coach prior to the start of the game.

   c. Courtesy Runners- Follow USA Softball rule 8 section 10-except for parts (B) and (C) when using a continuous batting order, in which case the courtesy runner is to be the player who made the last out.

   d. 10U and 12U:

         2). Each team must maintain a continuous batting order of all players present.Any player arriving after the start of the game is to be added to the bottom of the batting order. Any player leaving the game early is to be deleted from the batting order without penalty.

         3). Free substitution is allowed.  

         5). Coaches- All head coaches must be eighteen years old or older before January 1 of the playing season.

  5. Equipment and Fields

a. Each Team  will furnish 2- 12 size-appropriate balls.

   c. As of 2003, all 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U will use only USA Softball approved bats.  10U may use Tee-ball bats. Tee-ball bats may be no longer than 26 in. and must say "Little League" on them.

   d. ASA 2000 stamped bats will be permitted in League play.

e. Fields must be furnished with a double first base.

   f. Batting helmets must have mask/guards attached and helmet straps.

  6. Games

   a. All games will be played as scheduled unless postponed by inclement weather. Such postponed games will be rescheduled as set forth in Rules 6.b and 6.c. 

   d. Teams need to be ready to play 20 min prior to the scheduled start time

   e. A team which is  late following the scheduled game start time, will forfeit the game.  

   f.  Games Saturday will be Pool Play 1 hr 20 min Drop Dead (revert back), Sunday will be Bracket Play  1 hr 20 min Finish the Inning and  the Championship Game  No time Limit to 7 innings

   g. All games will be completed unless forfeiture by the losing coach at the time of stoppage or at the umpire's discretion. A game called by an umpire shall be ruled complete if 5 or more complete innings (4 for 10U) have been played, or if the home team is winning after 4-1/2 innings (3-1/2 for 10U), or if the game has been played for 90 minutes or more.  See USA Softball rules for scoring a game stopped for time or conditions.  

   h. Tied games-USA Softball tie breaking rules will be in effect for games which are tied at the end of the 1:20 0r 7 regular innings (6 for 10U) if time limit has not expired. See USA Softball Rule 5, Section 11 for tie breaker rules.  Games can finish as a tie after time limit or at the umpire’s discretion.  The time limit DOES APPLY to the Championship Game but the game CANNOT end in a tie.  See rule 10.c.  

   j. 10U, 12U will play a 15 Run Ahead Rule- A game will be called complete when a team is ahead by 15 runs after 5 innings (4 for 10U), 4-1/2 innings if the home team has the lead (3-1/2 for 10U), provided all players have batted and played at least one inning in the field.

   k. The game score is to be reported to the Tournament Director’s  by the winning team  following completion of the game.  

7. Playing Rules

b. 10U

1) No dropped third strike rule.

                   2)No infield fly rule.

                    3)Only one base stolen per pitch or play.

                    4)No stealing home.

                    5)A runner on third base or a runner who is stealing from second to third base can only score on a fair batted ball by pitch or tee or when the bases are loaded and the batter is hit by a pitch. (No out of play ball can score a runner from third or stealing third).

           6) NO WALKS.

  •  An offensive coach will pitch after the player-pitcher pitches 4 called balls.

  • The pitcher coach must be at least 18 years old.

  • The coach must pitch a legal pitch from the pitcher's plate.

  • The strike count is kept when the coach enters to pitch.

  • The umpire remains in position to call pitches delivered by the coach.

  • The batter will either successfully hit a fair ball, be called out on strikes or go down swinging.

  • While the coach is pitching, base runners cannot leave their bases until the bat contacts the ball.

  • There are no steals while the coach is pitching.

  • There is no bunting while the coach is pitching.

  • There is no hit by pitch while the coach is pitching.

  • The coach pitcher is considered a member of the offensive team.  Therefore, if he/she is hit by a batted ball, USA Softball rules for interference apply.  (Offensive interference results in dead ball, the batter-runner is out.)

  • When the coach pitcher comes into pitch, the player pitcher must start with both feet in the pitcher's circle but should be positioned to the back and side to avoid the pitcher's plate. 

                7) 5 runs per inning except the 6th inning is unlimited

               8) 15 Run Ahead Rule after 4 inning

  •  b. 12U

                1) Infield fly rule does apply

                2) 12U may steal multiple bases plus home and dropped third strike USA Softball rules apply.

                3) 6 runs per inning except the 7th inning is unlimited

                4) 15 Run Ahead Rule after 5 innings

      8. Protests- Proper USA Softball protest rules and guide lines must be followed at and during the game, then written notice of protest and a Check for $100.00(No Refund) must be filed with the Tournament  Director’s  within forty-eight hours following the game being protested. All properly filed protests will be acted upon in accordance with the Tournament Rules.

       a. Matters that may be protested are governed by USA Softball rules.


    9. Umpires

       a. Whenever possible, USA Softball certified umpires will be used for Tournament games.

       b. Each Tournament game will be officiated by one umpire,  Playoff games will be officiated, as much as possible, by two umpires.  

       c. Umpires who are not USA Softball certified must be at least 18 years old to umpire behind the plate and base umpires must be at least 16 years old.

      10.  Playoffs  and  Championships

        c. All rules apply to Tournament games except for rule 6.h. Playoff  games cannot end in a tie.  If the game is tied after 1 hr and 30 min  of play, USA Softball tie-breaker rules go into effect.  See USA Softball Rule 5, Sections 11 for tie breaker rules.

        d.  Championship games do not have time limits and must have a winner 


    11. Code of conduct

             All coaches, players, parents, and spectators who attend or participate in our Tournament  games are required to follow and honor the articles, rules and regulations established by the organization or club that they represent, the RAA(Rheems Athletic Association) and USA Softball. Misconduct and unsportsmanlike behavior, including threats of any nature towards opposing coaches, players, fans, or umpires is unacceptable at any youth sporting event and will NOT be tolerated in this Tournament. All reports of unsportsmanlike conduct received by Tournament Director’s  will be seriously and immediately dealt with. Any disciplinary action will first be addressed by the organization within the  Tournament  that the offender represents. Any further disciplinary action that may be determined by the Tournament Directors based on the Tournament  rules could result in a suspension from attending all league activities for an amount of time to be set by the Tournament Directors.

      *Any Team/Person Violating the above will cause dismissal with NO REFUND